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No matter how good your editing skills are, you can never fix a blurry photo. Sometimes blur or 'bokeh' in a photo is beautiful. The photos below show how effective blurring the background can be to draw focus to an object. When focussing on details, you will see things you never noticed before, even if you see that object every day. This is the gift of photography, it teaches you how to see. Looking through the viewfinder of a camera is far more effective at this than a smartphone. 

Frog Hollow Community is  a small community, about 8 hours from Broome. While at Frog Hollow School, the students took me to the waterholes nearby. The brief was to shoot from different perspectives, apertures and to focus on details, not just the wide shot. 

I encourage different perspectives when taking photos because we all see things differently. This includes shooting high, low, close up, wide, looking up and looking down. Whether in life or behind the camera, our perspectives of a situation differ and everyone's viewpoint should be respected. Sometimes we focus too much on the small stuff, especially when things don't go as planned. Reframe your thinking and see the bigger picture.

The high school students were proud to show me their favourite places and document their country. I don't edit or retouch the photos. I think it's important to focus on the subject of a photo rather than technique. The primary school students focussed on their school grounds including the vegetable garden and chickens. I love seeing their perspectives. I promise the gallery of student photos isn't far away!

One of my students was very upset from comments posted to a dance video she uploaded to Tik Tok. I told her judgements are a confession of someone's character and that she should focus on the joy she felt dancing, rather than an opinion of a complete stranger and to delete those comments. I told her that pursuing her dance dream was brave and that she should never give up because of setbacks.

What are you focussing on? It's hard to focus on the present when there is much to do. Sarah & I are heading to Yiramalay School tomorrow, 4 hours from Broome. We are so excited to hit the open road again!  I am also back at work  and know that the next 8 weeks will fly buy as I get ready to leave Broome to make my way back home to Sydney. My last weekend in Broome coincides with my birthday and I am so grateful to celebrate it in this beautiful town! Stay focused on your dreams and goals and whatever brings you joy and be grateful for all you have today.

With gratitude,