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Christ The King School Lombadina

Hi Sandra,

Sharon and I would just like to thank you again for the excellent Mental Health workshop you provided for the students today. You truly engaged our students and they thoroughly enjoyed the day. We would like you to pencil us in for the next few years if funding allows. Please also thank Carolina for visiting us and helping the students take some wonderful photos!

Kind Regards,

Lynn Larner

Assistant Principal

Christ the King School

Lombadina, WA

Derby District High School

Hi Sandra, 

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for providing such a wonderful program to our girls.  

They have all been talking about taking photos and how they thought it help their mental health. 

I just wanted to let you know some girls have recently reached out for help and now we are able to support them. 

 I have nothing but kind words as I see the benefit your program provided and I am thankful for your time. 

I would love to book a time in next year as I strongly feel this program allows us to begin a difficult conversation with our girls and support and provide help they may need. 

I can't wait to see the photos! 

Kind Regards, 

Jess Dowell 

Derby District High School, WA

North Regional TAFE Broome

Hi Sandra,

  I thought your workshop was amazing! Here is my feedback:

· The students were completely engaged

· They loved seeing the photos of your travels

· Good mix of theory and practice

· You had a great way of communicating with them and connecting with them

· Well facilitated

· They really connected to your personal stories

· Solid link between photography and mental health

· It was definitely an effective way to teach about mental health

· Resources were excellent

Honestly I can’t really think of anything you could do better - the workshop was fantastic!

You are welcome to quote me, or the students, on your website. All students are happy with that.

Thanks so much,

Tegan Mossop



Broome, WA

Ngalapita Remote Community School

'Wow!! What a visit the Ngalapita Students’ experienced by The Unframed Project team. Sandra and her assistant Sarah visited Ngalapita Remote Community School, located in Koorabye Community on Kalyeeda Station. Sandra and Sarah shared their expertise in photography and engaged students in some protective behaviours and Mental Health workshops.

Sandra explained to students how to care for and use appropriately a high grade camera and demonstrated all the different types of camera angle shots you can use to create different effects photography. The Middle Class, MissTaryn, Sandra and Sarah then took a trip out to the local Billabong and took some amazing flora and fauna shots of the local environment. Students worked in pairs and were able to trial and error different shots around an area they value and feel very connected to in community. Throughout the day, some very talented photographers emerged. The students thoroughly enjoyed the day  and also learnt valuable positive mental health strategies. The photos are going to be put to good use with a school calendar to be designed, so everyone at school and community can keep track of all the events planned in 2021.

The Ngalapita students were also very appreciative of the basketball shirts Harvey Norman and Ms Jenny donated so that community and students will be able to engage in joint basketball games to promote community positive mental health in the community. The students looked so smart in the uniforms and are ready to take on the community at the next basketball game.

A big, big, thank you to both Sandra and Sarah for their visit to Ngalapita school, it was a fantastic two days and we hope to see you out our way again soon.'

Tanya Truman,


Ngalapita Remote Community School

Kimberley Region, WA

Jungdranung Remote Community School

Hi Sandra,

Delwyn, our Principal and I LOVED your workshop as did our students. I am really pumped to get a camera for myself and into the school for the students to use. It was a real 'aha' moment for me when you spoke about taking photos and being so focussed that you forgot about everything else. I can think of many times I could have used this strategy with students having a difficult time. We hope to see you next year! Thank you for making the epic trip from Broome to visit our very remote school.

Ms Michelle


Jungdranung Remote Community School

East Kimberley Region, WA

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